Khouri Long M.S.S.T.
Khouri is a Sports Therapist who graduated from the University of North London ’s intensive sports therapy program in London England. Her six-year tenure in England offered exceptional exposure working for professional hockey teams. Additional training has been completed with the Paul Chek Institute in San Diego, California, achieved certification in Golf Biomechanics, and focused on Ultimate Exercise Ball Training.
As an avid sports enthusiast, Khouri understands the desire to return to the passion of sport and utilizes her skills and knowledge to assess an injury and treat the individual. This is completed in the shortest and safest duration, utilizing sports massage, mobilizations, strengthening, and stretching to return the individual to a pain-free lifestyle, while promoting the prevention of any further injuries.
Khouri has offered her volunteer services to many local sports teams and not-for-profit organizations.
Khouri is co-owner of Cor Maximus.
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Dr. Nick Green D.C.
After attending high school in North Bay, Dr. Green continued his education at Laurentian University, before heading to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. Dr. Green graduated from Palmer College in 2001 and immediately entered into a three-year post-graduate program in Orthopedics. Working for the college gave him the opportunity to travel the world, providing free care to people in India, Fiji, Bolivia, and Brazil. Returning to North Bay in 2004, Dr. Green’s practice now includes a mix of ‘traditional’ chiropractic back and spinal care, as well as a wide assortment of sports, automobile, and workplace injuries. He has also been used as an Independent Medical Assessor for insurance companies around Ontario. As well, Dr. Green has been the team Chiropractor for numerous teams in the North Bay area, including the Nipissing Lakers Hockey Team. He was also a Advanced Practice Professional in the Low Back Rapid Access Clinic for North Eastern Ontario in 2019 and 2020. In his spare time, he can usually be found riding a bicycle, either in the woods around North Bay or somewhere down a twisty highway. Dr. Green is co-owner of Cor Maximus.

Dr. Boulay

Dr. Maryse Boulay D.C.
Maryse grew up in North Bay and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Laurentian University before graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Her interests include managing persistent pain, advocating for public health, and empowering healthy communities. Her time off is spent exploring the outdoors or staying active with sports. You may find her helping coach, or volunteering with, local sporting teams/events.

Originaire de North Bay, Maryse a complété un programme de Kinésiologie à l’Université Laurentienne avant de graduer du collège de chiropraxie à Toronto. Elle s’intéresse dans la gestion de maux chroniques, la santé publique et le soutien de communautés actives. Elle passe son temps libre à explorer la nature, ou en jouant/entrainant divers sports.

Kristina Green RMT

Kristina Green R.M.T.
After obtaining her high school diploma here in North Bay, Kristina continued her education at College Boreal in Sudbury. Following graduation from the 3-year Massage Therapy program in June 2010, she joined the Cor Maximus team in November 2010.
Kristina has been trained in a variety of techniques including relaxing Swedish massage, hot stone massage, and deep tissue massage.  She is eager to offer excellent massage therapy care to her clients through comprehensive treatment plans and is always striving to obtain positive results.

Kristina is not currently offering online booking, please call for appointment availability (705-476-8888).

Shanice Roebuck RMT

Shanice Roebuck R.M.T.
After obtaining her high school diploma here in North Bay, Shanice continued her education at Georgian College in Barrie. Shanice graduated, with honours, from the 3-year Massage Therapy program at Georgian College in 2022. She was very eager to get through her exams, become registered and join the Cor Maximus team.
Shanice had an opportunity to work with many different conditions throughout her program including fibromyalgia, athritides and complex care. She also volunteered at the Georgian Bay Cancer center, as well as at the Golf Classic at Bond Head.
Shanice is looking forward to providing care to our community through Swedish & deep tissue massage. She is eager to further her knowledge & abilities, to better her practice, by taking specific courses in the future.
To book an appointment directly with Shanice, please follow this link.

Zoe Gagne RMT

Zoé Gagné, R.M.T.
After obtaining her high school diploma in North Bay, Zoé continued her education at Collège Boréal in Sudbury. She graduated with honours from the 3 year Bilingual Massage Therapy program in 2023.
Zoé had the opportunity to work with many different conditions such as frozen shoulder, club foot, TMJ syndrome, arthritis and more. She also had the privilege to work with the Sudbury Five, a professional basketball team.
She is looking forward to providing care to our community using various techniques including relaxing Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage and myofascial release. As Zoé continues her practice she wishes to expand her knowledge and improve her skills by enrolling in specific courses in the future.

Après avoir obtenu son diplôme d’études secondaires à North Bay, Zoé a poursuivi ses études au Collège Boréal à Sudbury. Elle a obtenu son diplôme avec distinction du programme de massothérapie bilingue de trois ans en 2023. Zoé a eu l’occasion de travailler avec plusieurs conditions différentes telles que , épaule gelée, le pied bot, le syndrome TMJ, l’arthrite et plus . Elle a également eu le privilège de travailler avec les Sudbury Five, une équipe de basket-ball professionnelle.
Elle a hâte de fournir des soins à notre communauté en utilisant diverses techniques, telles que le massage suédois relaxant, le massage sportif, le massage des tissus profonds et le relâchement myofascial. Tout en poursuivant sa pratique, Zoé souhaite élargir ses connaissances et améliorer ses compétences en s’inscrivant à des cours spécifiques à l’avenir.

Madison Fraser, B.Sc.
Madison grew up in North Bay and attended Chippewa Secondary School before moving to Toronto to continue her education in Psychology at York University. Madison is currently completing her Master’s degree in Sport Psychology at McGill University in Montreal.
Beginning her athletic career in cross-country skiing with the North Bay Nordic Junior Racing Team, Madison competed for 13 years at both a National and International level, earning several medals at the Canadian Championships. Her love of sports, along with her studies, sparked her
interest in developing strategies and training mental skills to overcome sport challenges such as performance anxiety and achieve peak performance. Madison has worked with several different teams and athletes to help them achieve their goals, and is currently training to become a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC). Her time off is spent reading books or outdoors, staying active and trying new sports.

Madison is not currently offering online booking, please call for appointment availability (705-476-8888).

Teri Lalonde, Office Manager
Teri grew up in North Bay and attended Chippewa Secondary School.  Upon completion of her high school diploma, she decided to continue her education in Calgary Alberta.   During her 2 and half years in Calgary, she began developing her managerial skills at a local coffee shop.  Upon her return home in 2008, Cor Maximus was fortunate enough to hire Teri to join our team.
Teri began as our front receptionist and has now become our office manager.  She continues to organize and manage all of the practitioners and employees within the clinic.  She is an integral part of our auto insurance and WSIB accounting and is an expert in our fitness class offerings.
Outside of the office, Teri continues to fully embrace the healthy lifestyle that Cor Maximus encourages through physical activity and diet.  She is an avid runner who loves the outdoors