Katie B (Bilz) Holistic Nutritionist BHSc

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Roadmap to Nutrition:

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Katie B (Bilz) is a qualified nutritionist (BHSc) devoted to educating a “no-gimmick” whole foods approach in an easy, friendly, and non-intimidating way. She lives and breathes what she preaches and embodies a healthy lifestyle approach, encompassing the 4 pillars of health – Stress management, Sleep quality, Exercise, and yes, of course, Nutrition.

By building healthy relationships with wholesome, nutrient-dense foods, Katie B believes there is no need to follow a restrictive “diet”. Her approach teaches you to commit to giving your body what it will thrive on, becoming more mindful of your body’s needs, and fulfilling them through good food and lifestyle choices. Through these choices and changes, you can guarantee you will reap the rewards of (but not limited to); more energy, fat loss, better performance, improved sleep quality, hormonal balance, and increased cognitive function.

Katie B grew up with a passion for health and fitness. Originally from North Bay, Katie positioned herself in Australia in 2011 to travel and soon became intrigued by the attention to health and fitness portrayed across the country. While growing up, Katie played ice hockey/ringette, basketball, and track and understood the importance of nutrition in sport. But, it wasn’t until at the age of 18 when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes that she fully understood the importance of nutrition and how it could impact our bodies in so many ways.

Since her diagnosis, Katie has buried herself in university qualifications, research, texts, journals, books, and whatever else she can get her hands on to understand the best approaches in nutrition. Katie now works with people to cater to their goals; whether it be adjusting to new work/living environments, fat loss, boosting energy, improving their athletic performance, or their overall wellbeing.

She has had much success by introducing clients to the foundations of nutrition and ensuring not only to prescribe nutritional advice but more importantly, to educate on nutrition. This gives empowerment to her clients to take hold of their own health and be able to not only feel confident with their own nutrition but also be able to educate others on what they’ve learned.

“I run a science-based practice with a holistic approach to give my clients the most effective and most reputable nutritional prescriptions available to achieve the results they want and need.”