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As an avid sports enthusiast, Khouri, the Sports Therapist at Cor Maximus, will utilize sport and exercise principles to plan and implement appropriate rehabilitation programs.  She understands the desire to return to the passion of sport and utilizes her skills and knowledge to assess an injury and treat you, the individual.  This is completed in the shortest and safest duration utilizing sports massage, mobilizations, strengthening, and stretching.

Khouri is able to provide immediate care of injuries and basic life support in a recreational, training, or competitive environment.

Khouri has extensive training in Bracing and Supports, Ultimate Swiss Ball conditioning, The Grid (Foam Rolling Massage) techniques, and Pre-Natal Personal Training.
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Khouri Long M.S.S.T. Graduate

Khouri is a Sports Therapist who graduated from the University of North London’s intensive sports therapy program in London England. Her six-year tenure in England offered exceptional exposure working for professional hockey teams; the London Knights, Slough Jets, and the London Racers. She has also been fortunate to work with many players on a number of NHL teams. In addition, Khouri worked within a Multi-disciplinary Sports Clinic where professional rugby players, cyclists, triathletes, and everyday athletes were treated. Additional training has been completed at the Paul Chek Institute in San Diego, California, achieving certification in Golf Biomechanics, which focused on Swiss Ball Training.
Khouri has a longstanding history of providing braces to athletes of all levels.  She deals closely with Don Joy products, including custom knee braces.  Her in-depth knowledge of injuries and sport biomechanics will provide you with all of the information required to receive the best brace suited for your needs.
A healthy community is important to Cor Maximus. Khouri has offered her volunteer services to the North Bay Trappers, the Chippewa Raiders Senior Girls Volleyball team, the Nipissing Wyld Football Club and has worked with the Canadore Men and Women’s Volleyball teams.  Within the clinic, she has had the pleasure to work with water skiers, swimmers, weight lifters, paddlers, and runners.

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