The Chiropractor at Cor Maximus is available to help you with your health concerns. With a diverse experience base, Dr. Green successfully treats everything from back pain and headaches, to your shoulder, knee, foot and elbow issues.


drngDr. Nick Green D.C.

After attending high school in North Bay, Dr. Green continued his education at Laurentian University, before heading to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa for his Chiropractic training. Dr. Green graduated from Palmer College in 2001 and immediately entered into a three year post-graduate program in Orthopedics. Working for the college gave him the opportunity to travel the world, providing free care to people in India, Fiji, Bolivia and Brazil. Returning to North Bay in 2004, Dr. Green’s practise now includes a mix of ‘traditional’ chiropractic back and spinal care, as well as a wide assortment of sports, automobile and workplace injuries. He has also been used as an Independent Medical Assessor for insurance companies from around Ontario. As well, Dr. Green has been the team chiropractor for a number of local sports teams.