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Several braces that we provide are:


The REACTION WEB KNEE BRACE is recommended for those with patellofemoral pain syndrome.  This brace provides:

  • Progressive pain relief
  • Elastomeric web
  • Ease of use
  • Sustained comfort

The Bionic Knee is recommended for minor knee instabilities and overuse symptoms.  This brace provides:

  • Wrap design
  • Hinges for added support
  • Anti-slip technology

The Playmaker II knee brace is recommended for mild to moderate knee instabilities.  It provides the stability needed to empower movement.  This brace provides:

  • Immeasurable comfort
  • DonJoy’s proven DIII hinge
  • A ‘cool’ environment with advanced spacer fabric
  • Easy strap adjustments

The Hinged Knee Brace is recommended for mild to moderate medial and lateral control.  This brace provides:

  • Compression and support
  • Breathable Drytex material
  • Sleeve or wraparound styles

The Tru-Pull Advanced System knee brace is recommended for chronic patellar subluxation/dislocation.  This brace provides:

  • Bifurcated strap to pull and support the patella
  • Two added supports for patella stabilization
  • Hinges for added medial and lateral knee support


The PUSH Sports Ankle Brace Kicx is designed for return to sports after an ankle ligament injury or to prevent recurring ankle injury in an unstable joint.   This brace provides:

  • A very low profile
  • no laces
  • Ability to fit into a cleated shoe.

The PUSH Ankle Brace 8 is designed for support after an ankle sprain or mild instabilities.   This brace provides:

  • Individually adjustable compression
  • Figure 8 strap
  • Ultra-thin


The PUSH Sports Tennis Elbow Brace is recommended for lateral or medial epicondylitis. (tennis or golfers elbow).  This brace provides:

  • Gel pad to absorb shock to the tendon and directs pressure away from the injured tendon attachment point
  • Low profile
  • Little bulk
  • Comfortable, breathable material


The PUSH Care Wrist Brace is recommended for wrist strains or sprains, tendinitis, post-fracture support or ongoing instabilities.  This brace provides:

  • Compressive stability
  • movement for full functionality of the hand
  • Low profile
  • Comfortable, breathable material

The PUSH Sports Wrist Brace is recommended for persistent pain and slight ongoing instabilities.  This brace provides:

  • Movement restriction
  • Elastic strap for individualized adjustable compression
  • Comfortable, breathable material


The PUSH Sports Thumb Brace is recommended for thumb sprains.  This brace provides:

  • Protection and support of the ulnar collateral ligament
  • movement of the unaffected structures
  • Low profile
  • the palm of the hand to be free to make contact with the ball or for holding sports equipment
  • Ability to fit inside a goalie glove or ski mitt
  • Comfortable, breathable material

We are a proud supplier of Don Joy and Canadian Orthopaedic Braces

**Some of these braces we have in stock, with the rest available within 1-2 days after sizing.