STAND UP – A Fall Prevention Program for Seniors

Taught by Margy Tougas, Stand Up Program Facilitator

STAND UP! is a FREE evidence-based fall prevention program that was developed and tested by the Public Health Department of Montreal.  The goal of this multifaceted program is to prevent falls and fall related injuries among autonomous seniors who live in the community and are concerned about falling or about their balance.

The STAND UP! Program lasts 12 weeks and consists of three components :

  1. Group exercise – Aims to improve balance, leg strength, ankle flexibility and bone density
  2. Exercises at home – Exercises will complement the group sessions.
  3. Discussion sessions on fall prevention – Aims to develop the capacity to change behaviors and to make adjustments in the home to improve safety.

More specifically, the STAND UP! Program aims to

  • improve the balance of and increase the strength of participants lower limbs
  • enable participants to adopt safer behaviors and learn how to ensure that their home environment is safe
  • increase participants sense of confidence with regards to fall prevention
  • help maintain bone density
  • encourage participants to stay physically active

The STAND UP! Program is offered FREE of charge to autonomous adults 65 years of age or over living in their own homes.