Personal Training

mtMargy Tougas

Challenge yourself! Challenge how you work out!

We believe that Personal Training should be “personalized”. You decide how you want to train with us, from one-on-one training, bringing a friend or spouse for partner training or train in small group sessions with no more than 3 other people. We can even take you outdoors. It’s your choice – you decide how you want to work out and we make it happen!  All you need to do is make an appointment for a consultation and our trainer will help you decide what you need to reach your goals.

At Cor Maximus our trainer will help you create sustainable success, by never letting a routine become stagnant. By keeping it ever-changing and ever-challenging to your needs and your goals.

It is possible to buy packages of personal training visits to help keep the expense to a minimum. These packages are purchased based on the length of the time with the trainer, and the number of weeks you would like the sessions to cover. Please note, there are expiration dates for these packages.