30 minute lunchtime fitness class WOMEN ONLY

Taught by Margy Tougas, Certified Personal Trainer

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Our Women’s Only Circuit is designed for that busy lady looking to fit fitness into her life.  

Here is how it works:  Join in the circuit when you arrive, between 12 and 1.  Our trainer will be in the gym guiding and directing you through a 30 minute full body circuit.  Hit every muscle group as you move from station to station testing your muscle strength and endurance.  Within the hour, you may complete the circuit once or up to three times.  Work at your own pace, while being encouraged to maximize your potential by our personal trainer.

Suited for women of all ages and all fitness levels.
Join this class at any time.

No contracts.
No cancellation fees.
No limit on number of classes you are able to attend per week.

Initiation fee = $55 + H.S.T.
4-week fee = $45.00 + H.S.T.

Join our fitness class email list, by emailing info@cormaximus.com, and never miss our quarterly schedule.