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Our Mission Statement:

Cor Maximus is a multidisciplinary health center owned by Dr. Nick Green, Chiropractor, and Khouri Long, Sports Therapist Graduate.

At Cor Maximus, your health matters!

Its programs and care are designed to connect you with professionals that will provide education and interventions, allowing you to improve your mental, physical and social well-being.

At Cor Maximus, our dynamic team of skilled practitioners and fitness professionals will work to achieve the best possible results for your specific condition and personal goals.  Treatments are provided in private rooms, giving you the undivided attention of the practitioner.

The guiding principles that every one of our team members follows are:

  • one-on-one care
  • hands-on treatments
  • patient education
  • patient empowerment
  • respect of patients time
  • teamwork
  • continuous skill and knowledge development

We strive for a culture that is caring, compassionate, professional, energetic, and easygoing.  Our team members are advocates of the health and wellness lifestyle.  We maintain our connection to our community by participating in local sports, volunteering at local events, and being engaged in our passions.  Building relationships within the community, our home, is an important ongoing priority.

We look to make North Bay a happier, healthier, and fitter community.

Privacy Policy:

The following document is meant to inform the public of the Privacy Policy for Cor Maximus.

The privacy officer is: Dr. Nick Green

What Type of Information is Collected:

Information collected is limited to information necessary to identify the client, and to create a health record for that client. This will typically be initially limited to name, and address. During the examination, information about the client / patient’s health history, current medical concerns and medications will be gathered and made part of the permanent file. This information is important to provide effective care for the client / patient.

Obtaining Consent:

During the initial visit, the client / patient will complete a consent form to allow for care or treatment. If at any time, there is a need for sharing of patient information with an outside / third party entity, the patient will be required to sign a consent form outline what information can be shared, and with whom it can be shared.

When can information be used without consent:

The only time information can be shared without consent is for collection of unpaid accounts. This information will be limited to Name, Address, Service Dates and Type of Service, but will not include diagnostic or historical health information. For patients that are WSIB or Auto Insurance claims, a requirement of putting your injury claim through these insurance program is full disclosure of your health information, both present and historical. If you have an issue with sharing your private health information with these groups, you cannot have them pay for your treatments.

Accuracy of Information:

All reasonable steps are taken to ensure the information in your file is accurate. If a mistake is found, please notify us immediately so the issue can be resolved.

Protection of Information:

All physical copies of information is stored in locked cabinets, and within locked premises. Digital transmission of sensitive data only occurs via encrypted means. Data is not shared over the phone, except when identity can be confirmed, and when they have a right to the information: such as with WSIB or Auto Insurance claims. Physical copies of sensitive data are not stored off-site. Electronic data is encrypted on any remote servers, such as data that is stored in our online scheduling system.

Complaint Resolution:
If you have an issue with your personal data being stored within our facility, please bring it to the attention of our staff, or Dr. Green. We will endeavour to relieve your concern in a timely and efficient manner.

Last reviewed July 26, 2018

Contact Us:

For assistance during business hours, please call our front desk at 705-476-8888.

Our address is:
Cor Maximus
Unit E
1501 Seymour St
North Bay, ON, P1A 0C5

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